I started exploring meditation and yoga in 2006, partly out of curiosity and intrigue with how I experienced the world around me, and partly to find a steady place to ground my often turbulent heart.

Struggling with anxiety and depression, these practices became essential to my everyday life. The steady pace of a led yoga class gave me sanctuary and confidence when the world seemed too hard to cope with, while learning to sit in silence taught me to observe the patterns of my mind, without being trapped in them.

As I worked with the breath, body and mind, connecting poses with awareness, discovering the ever-changing limits and boundaries of my body and mind, I grew more and more in love.

Everything became connected - sitting in stillness watching the mind quieten and move through its storms and shadows, finding focus and concentration through yoga poses that would test my comfort zones, noticing my habits and patterns on and off the mat... and ultimately, learning to be kinder to myself and those around me.

My yoga and meditation practices are the anchors for my life - my relationships with others and myself are nourished by the time I spend on the mat, and the challenges and joys of everyday life are tempered by the steadiness my practice gives me.

Ten years on, I crossed another comfort zone - training to teach and share these practices with others. Every day is about learning and sharing - from my teachers and my practice, to you and your own.

And it's a privilege like none other - to listen to others' stories through their bodies and their breathing, and to help them discover their potential in their own unique way.